Sixth Grade Palomar Retreat

Sixth grade students have the great opportunity to attend the 2019 annual Palomar Retreat! On February 19th students will travel up to Mount Palomar to learn about science in an different and new setting and participate in eventful activities. Throughout this trip, students will be able to get to know both their peers and teachers in a non-classroom setting.

What activities can the 6th grade class expect to participate in? Middle school teacher, Mrs. Luevano states, “On the academic side they will learn about astronomy, local plants, using a compass and other practical outdoor skills. During their free time, they will be able to choose between paintballing, horseback riding, archery, zip line and other activities.”

Aside from the opportunity to learn important outdoor skills, students can also look forward to attending classes and learning about God’s incredible design of the earth.  Students learn the design of creation in these classes and how this demonstrates God in our everyday lives! All while building a relationship with each other and with Jesus. And to have time away from technology.

This retreat is especially important to go on, if you have the opportunity to do so. Mrs. Luevano says, “it’s important retreat because the students get to have time to bond together in a setting outside of school! It is also important to hear from younger staff members who have such an incredible relationship loop with Jesus and can share with the kids why they trust in the Lord!”

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