A Look Into Spirit Week

Everyone knows how exciting spirit week is for DCA students! For one week, we are able to trade in our regular uniforms to creative costumes. And being in our houses, we are able to work together to earn points by dressing up to the specific themes. This year, high school has some exciting themes.

On Monday, students are expected to dress up to the theme, Commercial/Infomercial Day. Your costume could possibly be inspired by Mr. Clean, Tony the Tiger, Flo from Progressive, or even Jake from State Farm!

Tuesday is Food Day. You can be anything that your stomach desires! From fruits to vegetables, from boba to coffee. If you do not want to dress up as a certain food group, you’re free to be a waiter/waitress or even a Starbucks employee! If this doesn’t get your stomach growling, I don’t know what will.

Wednesday is the day that you can revisit your childhood. Dress up for Childhood TV/Movie Day! You can have the best of both worlds and come as Hannah Montana or you can dress up as your lifelong hero, Shrek! Either way, make sure to be creative and have fun!

On Thursday, you can dress out of this world! This spirit day coordinates with our Homecoming dance theme. Come dressed as anything outer space related!

You can always expect to be decked out in white and blue for Friday! Express your school spirit by representing our Conqueror colors. Everyone in school can dress up for this spirit day.

After the school day is done, be ready to join the DCA community at our homecoming football game and afterwards attend the exciting homecoming dance to have an out of world experience! Spirit Week starts Monday, September 30th, and ends Friday, October 4th.

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