Everyone knows how exciting spirit week is for DCA students! For one week, we are able to trade in our regular uniforms to creative costumes. And being in our houses, we are able to work together to earn points by dressing up to the specific themes. This year, high school has some exciting themes. On Monday, students are expected to dress up to the theme, Commercial/Infomercial Day. Your costume could possibly be inspired by Mr.
This year our senior class decided to mix things up a bit and went on their senior trip at the beginning of the year. They went to the Rock-N-Water Christian Camp in El Dorado County. Over this trip they enjoyed fellowship,community, and as the name of the camp suggests…rafting! While the rafting was a huge part of the trip, the fellowship between students creating lasting memories and feelings. To learn more about what they have
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This week was packed with exciting events for the DCA community. As soon as school begins, so do fun sporting events! Let’s take a look at what went on during the week. On September 5, the Varsity Volleyball team played a three game series against Linfield Christian’s team. Linfield Christian varsity volleyball team won Thursday’s home conference match against Desert Christian Academy. Linfield Christian won by a score of 3-0. On the same Thursday, the
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Today you are going to meet an extraordinary student here at Desert Christian Academy. He is an 8th grader and his brother is currently attending Desert Christian Academy as well. So who is he?   His name is Jeremiah Reynolds, as I said before he is in 8th grade and he plays three sports. Recently we asked him a few personal questions so that you can get to know him better. Do you have any siblings
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Denise Guy has been working and sharing her faith at Desert Christian Academy for over 25 years now. Mrs. Guy had a very poetic answer when asked what her favorite class to teach was. “My favorite class is Bible.” She writes. “My desire is to see all students have a relationship with the Lord. I like to show students how the Bible is applicable to their lives today.” When working at DCA, Mrs. Guy is