Dear DCA Families,

We are excited to launch Conqueror Connect on Monday and we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and trust as we transition our Christ-centered education to a live, digital platform. Please click on the video below to learn more about what Conqueror Connect is all about.

Elementary Families
Secondary Families

Information for Elementary Students

Elementary: Welcome to Padlet!  Your teachers have customized a learning hub called Padlet just for you.  Please see the Padlet tutorial video below for more information on how to use this tool.  Once accessed, you will be able to see your student’s schedule for each day as well as all the day’s activities in a very user-friendly format.  Elementary schedules will vary according to each classroom teacher so make sure to check your student’s specific schedule in Padlet which will also include the links to your teacher’s Zoom live “meeting room”.

Kindergarten families, since you will be supplying your own device, check out this tutorial from Mr. J to show what apps you will need to install.

Kinder Apps

Information for Secondary Students

Secondary: Classes will run according to our regular weekly schedule. We will begin right at 8am on Monday morning with 1st period classes. Prior to the beginning of class, each student will find the link to their teacher’s Zoom “meeting room” in Google Classroom. Flex teams will not meet while the campus is closed. We won’t have Chapel this week, however, please be on the lookout for how we are going to facilitate Chapel in the following weeks.We are excited to launch Conqueror Connect on Monday and we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and trust as we transition our Christ-centered education to a live, online platform.

We recognize that our families are facing many challenges right now, and some of our families will need to make logistical decisions that may make it impossible for students to always be available to attend live classes. Therefore, each lesson will be recorded and stored in our online classroom portals, either in Padlet (students in grades K-5) or in Google Classroom (students in grades 6-12), so students can access instructional videos and watch at a later time.

Conqueror Connect: At Home Classroom Supplies

Supplies To Be Picked Up At School: In an effort to best serve our students and families, we are gathering important school supplies (workbooks, novels and readers, etc.) and organizing times both on Sunday and Monday for parents to pick up those items. All elementary students will have academic supplies that need to be picked up at school. Not all Secondary students will have academic supplies that need to be picked so you will receive a parent alert text notification by noon March 15, 2020 if you need to come down. Staff will be available March 15, 2020 from 12-4 pm and on Monday, March 16, 2020 from 10 am-2pm to meet parents and distribute school supplies.

Academic Supplies Drive-Thru Pick-Up Process

  • Hours: Sunday, 3/15 from 12pm-4pm and Monday, 3/16 from 10am-2pm
  • Please pull into the main school parking lot and an attendant will direct you to a drive-thru pick-up lane
  • Please give us your student’s name and grade upon pulling into the main parking lot and one of our “runners” will retrieve your student’s academic materials and deliver them to your car
  • Please do not park and walk onto campus as this will greatly disrupt the plan, which has been designed to help ensure safety and maximum efficiency
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to collect K-12 students’ personal items from campus at this time.

Please do your best to retrieve items from school during one of these designated days and times, as these are essential items needed for your student’s success.

Items to be Gathered at Home

Students will also need items, many of which can be gathered from your home, in order to equip their home learning station. Elementary students will receive a list of needed items from their teachers. Please click here to view the supply list for secondary students.

Parent Partnership: Digital Learning

  • Please read and review all of the information provided to ensure your student(s) are ready for learning and your family understands the rules and regulations for DCA online learning.
  • Have a conversation with your student regarding how to set up a learning area in your home that is free from distraction and equipped for success. Also, talk about boundaries and expectations for your students while they are at home that help encourage engagement and motivation. Please remind your student that this is not a break from school and encourage him/her to have an academic mindset as we transition to Conqueror Connect.
  • Students are responsible to be on time to live video or look at the recorded videos for material missed. Teachers will not be taking daily attendance, but all students will receive an attendance mark “CC” for Conqueror Connect.
  • Our Parent & School Partnership is essential as we endeavor together to teach and train our students in the truth of God’s Word. Please Note excerpts above from our Conqueror Handbook regarding our parent-school relationship. These Biblical understandings are critical to the success of this transition and students shift from being educated in the home environment rather than on the school campus

Conqueror Connect Behavior Expectations

Important: The digital learning environment requires students to be on their best behavior. Parents, as the primary educator and disciplinarian, you will have to take on this role in more real-time as DCA will not be able to interact with your student in person. DCA will continue to support you with discipline by contacting you if your child becomes a distraction to the online learning environment.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Our Conqueror Campus Handbook is still in effect and our school policies will continue to be enforced while students are learning remotely. We will also be enforcing our new Honor Code policy.
  • Teachers will not tolerate any distractions that impede their ability to lead the class and educate students. Parents, we thank you in advance for your support in this!
  • Parents of students in Grades 6-12, please read and sign our Honor Code to acknowledge that your family understands the rules and regulations for DCA digital learning.
  • Please review our Conqueror Connect Student Expectations