Mrs. Guy Profile

Denise Guy has been working and sharing her faith at Desert Christian Academy for over 25 years now.

Mrs. Guy had a very poetic answer when asked what her favorite class to teach was. “My favorite class is Bible.” She writes. “My desire is to see all students have a relationship with the Lord. I like to show students how the Bible is applicable to their lives today.”

When working at DCA, Mrs. Guy is able to mentor students from a young age all the way up until those students graduate from high school (and beyond). She says one of her favorite parts about this process is seeing the Lord working through the students throughout the years.

When asked about if teaching at DCA has strengthened her faith in anyway, she had this to say, “Yes! I was a new Christian when I began working here. Between staff devotions, chapels, retreats and mentoring from other staff members my faith has truly been strengthened.”

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