This holiday season our ASB team has decided to grant our middle school their Christmas wish, their very own Christmas themed spirit week! This spirit week is filled with red, green, and the Grinch! We talked to the middle school participants and asked what they thought about their very first middle school spirit week.   “I’m really enjoying it! I like having something that only the high school usually has!” -Jeremiah Reynolds (8)   “I
Every year Desert Christian Academy puts on the annual Grandparent’s Day on the day before Thanksgiving break. What is Grandparent’s Day you might ask? It’s a day specifically designed for elementary families where grandparent’s are invited to join their grandchildren for a day of festivities.When attending Grandparent’s Day, DCA can promise you there will always be something to do! There’s games and activities inspired by old Thanksgiving traditions. A feast is served to families and students after
Over the years our school has participated in now 41 Walk-a-thons. Next week we are going to continue this life long tradition with our 42nd annual walk-a-thon! We went around and asked a few students what their favorite memories are from past walks.   Katie Schmidt- “Probably my 10th grade rewards trip, we went to universal, I got a group of friends and we just rode all the rides and hung out all day and

2018-2019 HS Football Wrap-up

Posted by Aryanna Millan on October 29, 2018
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As we enter a new quarter, we are also ending our football season. There are many mixed emotions going around. For our seniors, these are the last games that they are going to play for Desert Christian Academy. And for the fans, these are the last games we will see these players play in blue and white uniform. For the freshman it’s a bit different; they still have a few more years to represent the

Volleyball Wrap Up 2018

Posted by Jordan Stokes on October 24, 2018
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Sports are a big part of our DCA school community. Through sports we are able to create a certain school spirit that allows us to encourage our fellow classmates, while also allowing the team to achieve their goals in the process! The varsity volleyball team plays a large aspect in our school and sports community. While the volleyball season is unfortunately coming to an close, we can still look back on the season and all