Student Spotlight Quarter One

Ashley Klopfenstein

Gpa: 4.275

Grade: senior

Position: 1st in line for Valedictorian


This year senior, Ashley Klopfenstein is 1st in line to be Valedictorian with a GPA of 4.275. She has been hand selected for this position not only for her grade point average but also for her outstanding character. She is always involved and helpful around campus. From being a House Leader to just being a friendly smile. Below are some questions we asked her:


what college(s) are you going to apply for or have already applied to?

I have applied to multiple schools, however I hope to attend Vanguard University on a softball scholarship.


what sports have you done at DCA?

I have played basketball and softball.


What are some of your school studying tips?

My school study tips are just know your time frame. Study a little everyday and you’ll make it.


what is your favorite class and why?

My favorite class is flex. I am apart of house council and we work everyday, but it is such a blast working with Profe, Olivia, Blake, and Jonas. Never a dull moment.

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