Volleyball Championship

Our women’s varsity volleyball team has made our school proud by winning the CIF championship on Saturday. They entered CIF with high hopes and immense talent, and left with a win of three games!

Our team of talented players was led by coaches Debbie Scott, Brianna Sperber, and Lisa Johnson. Their impactful coaching and spiritual mentoring has allowed our varsity team to play to their best of their ability on the court. 

With determination and talent, the DCA varsity volleyball will be back and better than ever next season! 

Tessa Smith

How do you feel knowing how far you’ve gotten?

I feel really blessed to have gotten this far. Seeing all the improvement from last year makes this even more special for the team. I don’t think any of us expected this to happen, so the surprise of it all made it so much sweeter.

What is your favorite part about being in a team?

My favorite part is the dependability of my team. They are so willing to help me, encourage me, and they genuinely care. This team bond goes beyond the volleyball court. I am so thankful for a family that is as caring and crazy as they are. It’s not the family I expected, but it’s definitely the one I’m proud to have.

What is your expectation for State Championships? 

I expect us to just play our game together. We’re coming in as the underdogs, which is nothing new to us, so we really don’t have anything to lose. If we are successful it’s just added bonus to an already amazing season. Our goal is glorify God, and Anything we accomplish is for his glory.

What is one thing you want to thank your coaches for?

I want to thank my coaches for their vision. They saw something in us that we couldn’t see. They thought we were worth taking a chance on, and I’m so grateful for that. They were able to shape us into leaders on our campus and change the atmosphere in ways we couldn’t imagine. I feel incredibly blessed to be apart of something they saw potential in.

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