Walk-a-thon and Rewards Trip Highlights

Over the years our school has participated in now 41 Walk-a-thons. Next week we are going to continue this life long tradition with our 42nd annual walk-a-thon! We went around and asked a few students what their favorite memories are from past walks.


Katie Schmidt-

“Probably my 10th grade rewards trip, we went to universal, I got a group of friends and we just rode all the rides and hung out all day and it was super fun!”


David Margison-

“I really loved six flags, i think it was a good reward for raising money. As for the walking part, it was long and hard, but it was still fun!”


Hannah Lebrun-

“I loved it when we went to Universal studios. There were just a lot of rollercoasters and time to hang out with friends.”


BreAnne Cervantez-

“I enjoy it when Mr. Roethler throws candy out the window of his car while we’re walking.”


Walker Smith-

“It was really funny in seventh grade when our bus broke down and we were all stranded at a sketchy dollar store for two hours!”

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