What Goes in to Preparing for Chapel & Worship

Each Monday, Desert Christian Academy has the privilege of chapel/worship”. And they are, as always, everytime spiritually great every time. So the question is how does the team manage to get us into the spirit everytime. Fortunately, in this article we will cover this subject and we will see the process of what goes into chapel/worship.

Mr. Gipson: This is what we do each week, we start by getting ready a week before to get ready for the service next week. First we always talk to Mr. Gordon because he has the responsibility for chapel. We always want to know what bible passage he’s preaching from because it helps us to know which way to go with worship. Then we read that bible passage as a team and we’ll ask the Lord for guidance on what songs we should sing. Once we have a bible passage we think about what the passage is about and we think about what songs go with this passage. But  when there’s a situation where we don’t know the passage, we try to sing songs that clearly proclaim the gospel message, that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. Practically speaking once we have an idea of the songs we want to sing, we decide on who sings and who plays what instrument and who gets a break that week. We really encourage students to give ideas on certain songs, and why they chose that song. Mr. Palmer and I take our responsibility very seriously because we’re discipling them and teaching them. To help them lead worship, and there’s a strong teaching in worshiping.”

Haley Duff (11) “The first thing that we do is pray and seek direction from God because He is the one who we should be guided by. Secondly, we talk to Mr Gordon about the theme and what we are going through in the Bible so we can discern what songs would fit best. It’s important that our songs flow with the chapel message so that the theme is clearer to the students. However, its most important that we get our main direction from God, because without him all the best songs and all the powerful teaching would mean nothing.”

Rilie Johnson (11): “When we walk into chapel we always talk about the last chapel we did and how it went and critique ourselves. Then we always read a passage that Mr. Gordon has given us. We go over the passage as a group and then think of any songs that colluded empower the verses anymore. After we pick the songs we decide who will be singing and playing and what key each song will be in. Then finally we rehearse.”

Mr. Palmer: “So on Mondays and Tuesdays we meet as a flex team and we talk about the passage that is gonna be taught. Then we work together to select the songs and we decide who is going to sing and play instruments. Then usually we’ll practice on tuesdays and then we come early on mondays to set up and prepare. Overall we gather every week and evaluate the passage and who is going to sing and play.”

In conclusion our flex worship team works very hard each week, and they produce excellent, exquisite, and spirit filled music every time. And all of us here at Desert Christian Academy have the blessing and privilege of having it every week!  Overall we look forward to it every week. And Desert Christian Academy would not be the same without it.

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