High School Spiritual Life

At Desert Christian Academy, students will grow to their potential spiritually by:

  1. Understanding and being personally challenged to receive the gospel of Christ. Romans 10:9-10
  2. Developing a personal relationship with God through regular Bible study, prayer and fellowship with other believers. Acts 2:42
  3. Maturing in their faith by acquiring knowledge and being able to defend their faith effectively and intelligently. I Peter 3:15
  4. Actively applying God’s truth by enjoying God, discerning His will, demonstrating good works, sharing the Gospel message and serving others. James 1:22

As a Christian school, the spiritual training we give our students is extremely important to us. We want to model and teach all of our students to “love the Lord Jesus Christ with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength”, according to Mark 12:30. We can’t love Him with our minds if we don’t understand His Word.

Part of the goal in our Bible classes is to help students understand important principles in Scripture and help them apply those principles in their lives. We don’t want to foster “hearers of the word, but doers of the Word” (James 1:22) -Dave Fulton, Desert Christian Academy Founder/CEO

“Desert Christian Academy has been a place of real spiritual growth for me. The opportunity to travel overseas and minister to different cultures was life-changing. It challenged me to deepen my everyday walk with Christ and to engage Him in every area of my life. I am so thankful I was given the chance to experience that.” –Kristin Coppersmith, Alumna 2004

“God is so obviously present at Desert Christian Academy. The family, Christ-centered atmosphere is so unique, and so unlike anything at any other school. The memories I have made here will stay with me forever, and the things I have learned from teachers chapels, and friends will always be a part of my life.” – Jennifer Trahan, Alumna 2008