About High School Education

At Desert Christian Academy, we desire to partner with you in training your teenage student. We recognize that the adolescent years are a time of great transition for you and your child. Up until now, your child’s education has been directed by one teacher who kept strong accountability for each student.

Now that your child is entering young adulthood, a whole new world of freedom awaits him/her. The more stringent checks and balances of an elementary education with memo books and mandatory parent-teacher conferences become less prevalent. Your child will now have multiple teachers and will be forced to take an active role in the direction of his/her own education. However, parents are able to access grades and attendance records for their student(s) through “ParentsWeb”, an online password protected database.

Along with the educational adjustments your child will make, he/she will also face great challenges in social development. This can perhaps be the greatest fear for parents of teenage students. Will my child stay out of trouble and away from drugs, tobacco and alcohol? Will he/she keep good friends that will have a positive impact on his/her life? Perhaps these are questions that run through your mind when you consider your child’s transition into secondary school.

Teenagers today are under tremendous stresses and they face trying obstacles that help develop the type of adults they will become. Now, more than ever, secondary school students are in need of caring and capable role models that will help nurture and direct them in their development of independence and individuality.

High School Academics

At Desert Christian Academy, students will grow to their potential academically by:

  1. Developing into analytical thinkers who examine and evaluate a wide range of information, draw conclusions and apply Biblical truths in making decisions. Romans 12:2
  2. Becoming well-informed and independent learners who love to read, comprehend what is read, and value reading in a broad range of topics and perspectives. Philippians 4:8-9
  3. Writing effectively, applying proper mechanics, in order to express a position in a compelling and logical manner. I Peter 3:15
  4. Learning to speak (and listen) with integrity and accuracy; passionately communicating with confidence, a well-reasoned position to others. James 1:19

When students graduate, they are well prepared for college level courses. Not only can they usually attend the college of their choice, but they are able to stay and graduate from college with good grades.

Students are offered college-prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses in almost all disciplines, including:

  • Honors courses: Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, English 9 and 10, Spanish II and III, and Life of Christ

Advanced Placement Courses:

  • English 11 and 12
  • Biology
  • US History
  • Government
  • Calculus

Small class sizes – we will offer Honors and AP courses to as few as 4 students.