Who We Are and What We do

Desert Christian Academy is a preschool through twelfth grade private Christian school in the Coachella Valley. We have been serving families and students for over 42 years.

Student Learning Outcomes

At Desert Christian Academy students will grow to their potential SPIRITUALLY by:

  • Understanding and being personally challenged to receive the gospel of Christ and ensuring all students are hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel while tracking chapel attendance, topics, and student response. ~ Romans 10:9-10
  • Developing a personal relationship with God through regular Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other believers through participation in Bible class instruction and discussion and grade level retreats. ~ Acts 2:42
  • Maturing in their relationship with Christ by acquiring knowledge and being able to defend their faith through the teaching of the Gospel in its purest form so that students can recognize biblical truth. ~ I Peter 3:15
  • Actively applying God’s truth by enjoying God, discerning His will, demonstrating good works, sharing the gospel message, and serving others through participation in community service opportunities and completing the required service hours in secondary. ~ James 1:22

At Desert Christian Academy students will grow to their potential ACADEMICALLY by:

  • Developing into analytical thinkers who examine and evaluate a wide range of information, draw conclusions, and apply biblical truths in making decisions while meeting or exceeding the Common Core Standards as measured by informal and formal assessments. ~ Romans 12:2
  • Becoming well-informed and independent learners who love to read, comprehend what is read, and value reading in a broad range of topics and perspectives through participation in reading incentive programs such as Pizza Hut’s Book It program and secondary summer reading. ~ Philippians 4:8-9
  • Writing effectively and applying proper mechanics in order to express a position in a compelling and logical manner by utilizing curriculum embedded writing prompts across the curriculum. ~ I Peter 3:15
  • Learning to speak and listen with integrity and accuracy; passionately communicating with confidence, a well-reasoned position to others by participating in classroom presentations, chapel presentations, elementary speech, and/or middle school science fair. ~ James 1:19

At Desert Christian Academy students will grow to their potential PHYSICALLY by:

  • Developing habits for healthy living and physical fitness in order to glorify God with their bodies through elementary and secondary physical fitness and educational programs. ~ I Corinthians 6:19
  • Developing motor skills, coordination, knowledge and a desire to participate confidently in a variety of games and activities as measured by annual physical fitness testing in physical education classes. ~ Colossians 3:23; Titus 1:8
  • Developing commitment, teamwork, good judgement, sportsmanship, a desire to work and play well with others by submitting to the rules and authorities of the game. ~ II Timothy 2:15
  • Experiencing competitive team sports that allow student athletes to maximize their God-
    given abilities, cooperatively achieve team goals, and give glory to God in victory or defeat through the pursuit of league sportsmanship awards. ~ Hebrews 12:1

At Desert Christian Academy students will grow to their potential SOCIALLY by:

  • Enjoying life by living it according to God’s Word, acting responsibly and becoming confident and caring young people with character, integrity while maintaining positive classroom and school behavior patterns and having a discipline record with minimal infractions. ~ I Timothy 4:12
  • Building life-long relationships with others, esteeming others as more important than themselves, and broadening their social experiences through participation in class field trips and retreats. ~ Philippians 2:3
  • Respecting human diversity including cultural, racial, religious and philosophical differences and choosing to resolve conflicts with courtesy and consideration for others by practicing the peacemaking process for conflict resolution. ~ I John 4:7
  • Becoming respectful and productive citizens, practicing democratic rights and responsibilities and reaching out to those in need by participating in service to outreaches within the community and fulfilling Christian community service hours. ~ Romans 13:1