Our elementary curriculum is designed to encourage students to grow spiritually, academically, physically, and socially. Each year the students explore Bible, math, language arts, science, and social studies, while building upon the previous years and preparing them for new and exciting things in the future. Not only do students enjoy a variety of subjects, they also receive instruction in art, music, physical education, and Spanish. Technology is used across the curriculum and the students have many opportunities to grow in the area of computer skills. Our teachers desire to challenge students to dig deeper and answer questions using higher- level thinking.


At DCA, God’s Word is the authoritative text that governs all of our curriculum. However, it is also essential for students to learn the Bible in it’s pure form so we have comprehensive Bible instruction across all grades leading students to clearly understand God’s Word and how to navigate it for themselves. Chapels are on Thursday mornings at 8:20 am and parents are always welcome to attend. Our students memorize a Bible verse each week and learn to apply it to their lives.


Our students have a very full academic schedule which includes computer instruction, music instruction, art class, physical education, and Spanish enrichment. They also have the opportunity to sing at the Elementary Christmas Musical and an end-of-the-year program. Also offered are a variety of after school activities such as guitar, engineering, chess, agriculture, golf and tennis clinics.