Summer Reading

Summer Reading Program

Our summer reading program is designed to help our students understand that reading is an enjoyable pastime and that we read for pleasure as well as to acquire information. It is not a secret that reading skills improve with practice so it then becomes even more entertaining. Making time in the day or night to read is good for the mind and it is a wonderful way to reduce the noise, stress and stimulation often associated with busy lives in our fast paced world. It is well known that reading is essential to providing a solid basis for academic achievement. But most of all, reading is totally fun!

This summer we are encouraging all students in grades K-5, 6-9  and College Prep English classes in grades 10-12 to read for enjoyment at their appropriate reading level. Students should talk with their parents to see if a particular book is a good fit for them. There are so many wonderful books out there! Fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, ebooks, collection of short stories – all are fine! Read what you like!

All students entering Honors and AP English classes in grades 10-12 will have a mandatory summer reading list and assignment. Please see the attached items for the detailed assignment. If a student does not complete this work, he/she will be ineligible to remain in the Honors or AP course.

Middle School

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