Elementary Extra Curricular Activities

Elementary Curriculum Overview


Our elementary students have the opportunity to receive art and craft instruction by our art teacher. One of the goals of our art program is to develop each student’s creativity and encourage self-expression through fine arts. They learn to draw and paint, and students learn to work with chalk, markers, oil pastels, construction paper, print outs, and clay. Students are presented with a directed instructional lesson, and are assisted to become successful in completing the project. At all levels, students are presented with the elements and principles of art in order to develop their own art skills. They start with basic shapes, contour line drawing and progress to using their own imagination to create original compositions. Students have the opportunity, during different times of the school year, to submit their art work for display. Art work may also be submitted locally to the Riverside County Date Festival.


Our philosophy of music education is that it must be both educational and enjoyable. Our elementary music classes are held weekly. Students gain an understanding of music theory through the use of workbooks. They are exposed to various songs, as well as classical music. By third grade, students learn to play the flutophone and our fourth grade students learn to play the recorder. We strive to equip students with a high level of interest in music and an adequate knowledge of the basics of music to enable them to continue their musical pursuits. All elementary students perform in two music programs each year. The first one is a Christmas program held every December. The second is in May and the theme varies from year to year. Both programs are Bible-based and provide both acting and solo opportunities. Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to join the “Kingdom Kids” choir, which rehearses weekly and performs locally at various places such as convalescent homes.

Physical Education

Our physical education instructor meets with all elementary students and provides a wide variety of activities that promote physical development, appropriate for each age level. Both individual and team games are emphasized in order for students to develop personal confidence and teamwork skills. The curriculum emphasizes physical fitness and physical activity in order for students to develop skills that will carry them on through recreational activities throughout their lives. A big part of our physical education program is an emphasis on sportsmanship. During the warmer months, swimming instruction is available for elementary students and one of our goals is to make sure that every elementary student is a proficient in water safety skills. The physical education classes also have the use of our school gymnasium, which lends itself to a variety of indoor games. Activities range from archery and hockey sockey to hopscotch and square dancing. Our kids love P.E.!


Students receive Spanish instruction weekly from our Spanish teacher. The emphasis is on conversational Spanish. Our objective is to teach students the basic Spanish vocabulary used at home, school or throughout the community. This includes the knowledge of greetings, letters, numbers, colors, days, dates, objects, family, body, and basic expressions. Once they learn this vocabulary, we teach them to build practical sentences that can be used in everyday situations. All of this is done according to the students’ grade level, through an active, visual, fun, and challenging manner. Students also learn Spanish songs and are introduced to the Hispanic and Mexican American cultures. Most importantly, students are taught that Spanish can be used as a tool for Christian outreach.