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Staff Directory

Assistant Principal

Chris Johnson (760) 345-2848 EXT. 251


James Gordon (760) 345-2848 EXT. 208/202

Director of Community Development

TYLER JACOBUS (760) 345-2848 EXT. 253

Head of School

DEBBEE SCOTT (760) 345-2848 EXT. 252

Asst Head Of School/Elementary Principal

BETH YOUNG (760) 345-2848 EXT. 206

Preschool Director

LINDSAY TOLMAN (760) 345-2848 EXT. 216

Secondary Principal

KIRK SCOTT (760) 345-2848 EXT. 209

Athletic Director

MATT GARRISON (760) 345-2848 EXT. 245
Name Email Address Ext Position / Department
Lisa Johnson 261 High School Guidance Councilor
Mrs. Julie Fulton 203 Office Manager/Registrar
Mr. Tom Fulton 219 Bible/MS History
Mr. Matt Garrison 245 Athletic Director
Mrs. Denise Guy 217 Bible/PE
Mrs. Kristi Harrell 229 Preschool - PS4
Mrs. Heather Harrison 215 Theater
Mr. Tyler Jacobus 253 Director of Admissions, Technology & Student Services"
Mrs. Sally Lewis 231 K1 Teacher
Mrs. Renee Loewen 205 Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Mrs. Margaret Luevano 237 MS Math
Mr. Wallace Mann Maintenance
Mrs. Lucy Marquez 241 Spanish
Mrs. Vivy Mathews 239 MS/HS Science
Mrs. Leah Mendoza 207 Preschool - PS3
Mr. Craig Migasi Yard Supervisor
Mrs. Heather Miller 204 Student Store
Mr. Robin Miller 255 Maintenance
Mr. Fernando Molina 255 Maintenance
Ms. Diana Montes 270 Preschool
Mrs. Wendy Morante 238 1B Teacher
Mrs. Patricia Moreno 229 Preschool - PS4
Mrs. Krista Nixon 233 2B Teacher
Mr. Nick Nixon 247 MS/HS Science
Mr. David Palmer 215 HS Science/Bible
Mrs. Tania Reyes 213 Preschool - PS1
Mr. Jim Roethler 241 MS/HS History
Mrs. Kathy Roethler 226 PS5/Elementary Music
Mrs. Cynthia Arseo Instructional Aide
Mrs. Kristie Bazua Instructional Aide
Mrs. Krissy Devane 249 Finance Assistant
Mrs. Stacy Espinoza 237 5B Teacher
Mrs. Donna Ferris Admissions Assistant
Mr. David Fulton Founder
Mrs. Debbee Scott Head of School
Mr. Kirk Scott 209 Chaplain
Mrs. Rose Studer 212 Human Resources
Mr. Keith Tobin 220 Marketing Coordinator
Mrs. Lindsay Tolman 216 Preschool Director
Ms. Joan VanZoest 236 4B Teacher
Mrs. Beth Young 206 Asst. Head of School, Elementary Principal