High School Guidance Counseling

What to expect in the area of college and guidance counseling:

  • Individual consultations with each student on a regular basis to ensure that the student is “on track” for successful completion of their high school course load while tracking their progress to meet collegiate admission standards.
  • FAFSA, financial aid, and scholarship information will be provided to students and parents to assist in making the student’s post-secondary goals affordable.
  • Facilitate that each student recognizes their God-given gifts and abilities.
  • Strategize with students as they plan their post-high school education and career.
  • Assisting each student in finding the ‘best fit’ for college and career.

Christian Service Report:

Useful College Information

Student Guide and Timeline:

College guidance begins in the spring of the 8th-grade year with students’ selection of classes. Parent and student programs are designed to give an overview as well as focus on the priorities and direction for the years ahead.

The following calendars reflects the College Counseling component of a student’s progress during the course of the next four years.

High School Guidance Counselor

Our High School Guidance Counselor is Mrs. Kate Eccles. In order to contact Mrs. Eccles, email her at keccles@desertchristianacademy.org.