High School Social Life

At Desert Christian Academy, students will grow to their potential socially by:

  1. Enjoying life by living it according to God’s Word, acting responsibly and becoming confident and caring young people with character and integrity. I Timothy 4:12
  2. Building life-long relationships with others, esteeming others as more important than themselves and broadening their social experiences. Philippians 2:3
  3. Respecting human diversity including cultural, racial, religious and philosophical differences and choosing to resolve conflicts with courtesy and consideration for others. I John 4:7
  4. Becoming respectful and productive citizens, practicing democratic rights and responsibilities and reaching out to those in need. Romans 13:1

Associated Student Body Positions & Eligibility Requirements: The student body annually elects five ASB officers to oversee many school-wide activities throughout the year. The five ASB positions are: president (must be a 12th grade student), vice president (11th or 12th grade student), treasurer, secretary, and chaplain (10th – 12th grade students).

In order to run for ASB office, students must meet the following three requirements: 1) have higher than a 2.5GPA, 2) be a Christian with a clear testimony, and 3) have an exemplary citizenship record. The student council is made up of these five elected officers as well as the four elected class presidents.