2019 Senior Trip

This year our senior class decided to mix things up a bit and went on their senior trip at the beginning of the year. They went to the Rock-N-Water Christian Camp in El Dorado County. Over this trip they enjoyed fellowship,community, and as the name of the camp suggests…rafting! While the rafting was a huge part of the trip, the fellowship between students creating lasting memories and feelings. To learn more about what they have brought back with them I asked them what they felt that their testimony from the trip would be.

“We [Seniors] talked about spreading love through the campus. Being more of an example to younger students, making sure we have positive attitudes in what we do. We want to change DCA culture. We want to become more positive!” – Kaia Johnson (12th grade)

“The seniors went into the trip with the intent to participate and have open minds and hearts. I am excited to see what they bring back from that solidity they created on the trip.” – Mr. Tobin

“I thought it was cool how God met us there and he aligned all of our different ideas on how to make dca a better place, I think we all expected to get there and raft and there was more time with Jesus that iIwill remember for the rest of my life I definitely feel encouraged to make my last year at DCA the best one yet.” – Olivia Borchert (12th grade)

“The Senior Trip was truly an amazing experience for our class and hopefully will have a huge impact on our campus culture. The trip and the talks we had as a class brought us closer together than ever before and I can’t wait for every other DCA student to experience the great things that happen on this trip. The memories and jokes we made on that trip are unforgettable but I’d have to say my favorite memory is when Christine Kim fell out of the boat on the biggest rapid and she had the best reaction.” – Sam Devane (12th grade)

“On the senior trip God really helped me to become really close with my class. I really feel that through rafting and campfire chats, we grew closer as a class. The most memorable thing that happened on the trip for me was being on a raft that ended up flipping! We hit a rapid the wrong way and got wedged up against a rock, so our boat slowly started to flip as we all frantically jumped off the boat. It was awesome!” – Jonas Smith (12th grade)

“We went on senior trip with the desire to have an encounter with the Lord and He undoubtedly met us there! Without providing too many details that would cause future classes to build expectations for the future, I will say that we had an incredible time with God and each other and lots of fun on the river. I think my day in a funyak (inflatable kayak) with Mr. Tobin will stick with me for years to come as we swam multiple large rapids but ended the day by successfully navigating the last two rapids of the day.” – Mr. Fulton

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