Baseball 2020

Spring is coming and so are the sports! Desert Christian Academy’s baseball season has begun so we decided to get to know our players a bit more. Troy collins, senior, who has been playing since he was in pre-school and the team’s newest player, Tyler Rodgers, freshman, who has played for seven years off the team. 

Tyler Rodgers, Freshman
What position do you play? I play outfield to first base

What are you most excited for this season? Seeing what it’s like in an actual league with new teammates.

What do you want your team to accomplish this year the most? I want us to win some league games!

Troy Collins, Senior

What position do you play? Catcher, Pitcher

What are you most looking forward to this season? I’m excited for the brotherhood that we are creating throughout the whole team

What do you want your team to accomplish? I believe that if we work hard enough we can win CIF

What is your favorite memory so far? My favorite memory so far was when I played against Arrowhead Christian my sophomore year and hit 2 home runs in one game, the one thing that I will miss the most is the excitement of getting ready for a game with the team

What is something a coach said to you that has stuck with you? Be the leader that no one else is willing to be.  You have the be the example to the other players so that they know what a true ball player looks like

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