Student Profile: Allison Johnson

Allison Johnson, Varsity Golf Season 2019

Junior, Allison Johnson, is currently second in her class and an outstanding student here at Desert Christian. She has filled her class schedule with challenging classes and spends here time at DCA working to the best of her ability. On top of that, she has lettered in Varsity Golf the past two seasons! So, how does she do it? The salutatorian frontrunner tells all.

“Truthfully, I got where I am with a lot of luck and good genes.” Allison laughs thoughtfully. “But determination and hard work also came into play. And maybe a slight fear of failure.”

And this seems to be working out well for the top tier student! She continues the interview by explaining how she is most proud of her time in AP Biology. “Something I’m proud of (in my academic career) is getting a 4 on my AP Biology exam sophomore year. I was definitely not expecting that!”

“It feels pretty good.” Allison remarked, when asked what it feels like to be second in her class. “Slightly unsatisfying not being number one, but I’m proud to (hopefully) be the Salutatorian of my class.”

Allison was nice enough to share her study tips and advice for her fellow classmates. “The main study tip I have is to always do homework and study early in the day. Don’t wait until the last minute or until midnight. But to be honest, I should probably practice what I preach.” 

When asked if we could expect competition for the number one spot in the class, Allison had nothing but kind words to say about Walker Smith, frontrunner for valedictorian. “Who knows! I’m not too far behind Walker, but I would be surprised if I did pass him. I’m happy where I am and I’m happy for him.”

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