Girl’s Soccer 2020

This Year our high School soccer girls have gone through a major change. Over the summer Mr. Fulton decided that he would no longer be coaching Soccer or Softball. This decision led DCA to search for new coaches and they found Mr. George Estrada, parent of Conqueror Alumni Jahzell Estrada (who is currently playing softball at Azusa Pacific University) to lead the softball team this spring.

They also hired Mr. Sean Tully, husband of Ceramics/Art Teacher, Mrs. Michelle Tully to lead the coach girls soccer. The girls have had a wonderful season so far with their new coach and are excited to see what the rest of the season has to hold. 

Sarah Gallitto, senior, has been playing soccer for about 14 years and says this about her love for the sport, “My favorite thing about soccer is the pace of the game. I love feeling the adrenaline when you get the ball and take it down the field. Also, it’s truly a team sport. You know that if you make a mistake and the ball gets passed you, your team will be there as another line of defense.” As a senior she will be leaving her school and with that, her team. While she will miss her team she says that she is excited to come back and support the girls while cheering for them in the stands. She has had Fulton for a coach for three years so it was definitely a big change to have a new coach, “Coach Tully brings a collegiate experience that helps the technical side of the game but he also understands his players and their needs. He knows when a physical or mental break is needed or when we need to get down to business and focus.” The rest of the team agrees with Sarah and they all feel so blessed to be able to call Tully “Coach”. 

Ashlee Correia, freshman, is new at high school soccer but is no stranger to the sport. She has played soccer for five years and she enjoys every moment of it. Zoë Suderman, junior, has been in DCA’s soccer team since she was a freshman and plays wing. When asked about her favorite part of the sport she said, “I love the fast pace of it.” the team has certainly gone fast in improvements and constantly encourage each other on and off the field Sarah said, “I am so proud of my team and how far they’ve come but I keep reminding them that we can’t be content with where we are; we need to be in a constant pursuit of improvement!” Faith Betancourt, sophomore, is proud of the team and commented happily on Mr. Tully’s coaching, “He knows what we’re capable of and he forces us to prove it to ourselves as well. He knows that we can win and he continues to encourage us to see that as well. 

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