Like most schools we have the option of a school provided lunch. But unlike other schools our student store also provides food during nutrition, and with the help of a vending machine everyone has a chance to eat something during the school day. Mrs. Miller is the head of the food department along with Mrs. Bazua and Mrs. Jones. Our student store is different from most in that we have IOUs in which if a
As we enter a new school year at Desert Christian Academy excitement fills the air. There are so many changes around campus that will influence the students of DCA’s life in the best way possible. And when school begins so do sports!   Aidan Scott: #15 What position do you play? I am a kicker, punter, receiver, cornerback   What were your thoughts on going to eleven man this year? We weren’t sure we if
Athletics, Varsity Football
This year’s Varsity Football team is making history.  They are the first team in school history to be in an 11 man league and CIFSS division as well. As a way to thank all spectators and fans for coming out to support the Conquerors, this Friday, August 24 at 7 pm admission for everyone is being waived! If you are able, please come out to support the Conquerors football team as they embark on this historic
Athletics, Varsity Football
We have safely arrived to the D.R. and are excited for all that is to come!
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