The Transition From Homeschool To High School

The Transition from Homeschool to High School


      There is more to coming to school than just saying, “Oh! I’m going to school and I’ll just stop being homeschooled.”  Statistics show that the homeschool community has grown 60% in the last 10 years. And even though it has grown so much, sometimes parents feel that it is time to send their children out into the world. Sometimes God wants you to release your children, into school, but sometimes parents and students have fear and doubt, if it’s the right decision to go to school. And maybe they are too afraid to speak what they feel/see. I hope I do not just answer some of your questions, but that I may bring you comfort and encouragement as well. If you do feel God telling you to send your child to school, I pray this will be a confirmation to you.



       I’d like to clarify something’s about what being homeschooled means.

Many people have the misconception about being homeschooled. They either think the children have a learning disability or cannot hang with the curriculum that the schools teach. Which is quite bias statements because that’s not always the case: maybe that is to some parents and students, but it’s not the main reason why the parents chose to homeschool their children.

Here are a few reasons why they are homeschooled, for one maybe the education you were receiving, sports, maybe it even has to do with your ministry.But they don’t get homeschooled because they think their better than you, if anything its not for that reason. But there’s the answer to that.

Another question a lot of people have is,“Is it tough?” What I mean by that is, when we do our homework or school work, we do it  at our own pace. Sometimes we go faster sometimes we even go slower, but sometimes that does affect the way they perform. I know this is probably off subject but here’s the answer to time management in Ecclesiastes 3:1 it states “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:” I’ve always said it this way we do not control time, but we do control how we use it.

“Is it overwhelming?” I don’t think the issue is that it is overwhelming, I think it more so nervracting, and what I mean by nervous is, for one I didn’t know if I was up to par, or at their level, I didn’t know if I was taught different, but most of all is this what God wanted. And I know that  there are lot of people that don’t know if they should send their kids to school. But because of the pressures of life they eventually send them. But if it is God tugging at your heart then do not hesitate, because after all He knows what is best for you.


Learning to mature


I know that I am not the only Christian that has gone through hard times.

Some of you may be asking, “what does this have to do with school?” It actually has a lot to do with school. For one, school itself is tough, it’s hard for me to say, “oh everything is going to be alright.” I would be lying to you, because school is more difficult than you think. In homeschool I would say you don’t really have the challenges of: making time for God, making bad choices, doing the right thing, and I could go on.

More than half of the time you are at your house, and you can make your own schedule. And you don’t really make bad choices, because your parents are with you a little more than usual. But school on the other hand your parents aren’t with you, and you have more freedom. Although it sounds like I’m giving you a bunch negativity, there is a good side to this too. Because for a fact I know that in hard times that is when God saves you. And you can become closer with God, because  He is the only one you can trust. But here at DCA I know for a fact that anyone is willing to help you in your tough times. And we will welcome you with open arms. But there is also a good side to struggling, you learn to mature. I know that coming to school has helped me mature, because now I have to take care of a lot of things. now I make sure I make it on time to class, I have to take care of my schedule, meaning what classes I have, and etc. And I believe you can become a more responsible person, just by coming to school. And on of the goals here at DCA is found in one of our biggest quotes “Empowering the mind, engaging the soul”. We learn, but we learn more about Christ.


Welcome to DCA

I remember my first day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be everyone was so welcoming, everyone said hi to me, and most of all they were so helpful. I remember I was so lost and someone said, “hey I can help you”, and she took me to my teacher. So if one of the reasons, that you don’t  want to come to school is because you feel everyone will avoid you, not talk to you, or not even like you. Keep in mind that we are willing to take you in with open arms. Just like Jesus took us in. As a matter a fact we have a special week called spirit week, I experienced my first spirit week this year. It was so much fun, But that wasn’t the only thing, it was a bonding week. I met so many new people and teachers , and most of all I had fun while I was at it. Everyone was dressed up including the teachers  overall it was a great experience. To make it an even better experience my house all most won. I know I say it for everyone when I say “ “Welcome to Desert Christian Academy!”

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