Volleyball Wrap Up 2018

Sports are a big part of our DCA school community. Through sports we are able to create a certain school spirit that allows us to encourage our fellow classmates, while also allowing the team to achieve their goals in the process! The varsity volleyball team plays a large aspect in our school and sports community. While the volleyball season is unfortunately coming to an close, we can still look back on the season and all of our team’s accomplishments! 

Even though the Conquerors were 2-12 in their league (6-20 overall), our team still showcased a tremendous amount of dedication and spirit. The DCA volleyball team engaged in team bonding activities, team meals, and pre-game cheers to boost their team spirit! Everytime the team had a game that day, they would all arrange to eat lunch together in order to get into the school spirit. 

In the exciting match against Arrowhead Christian, the Conquerors came out victorious, winning all three matches with the average score of 25 to 22. Emily Lange (10) had this to say about the riveting game: “It felt good to leave the Arrowhead game knowing we had all played our hardest. Being in a new league was tough, but everyone took the challenge and I believe we have made a name for ourselves in this new league.”

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