Mr. Palmer Profile

Mr. Palmer has been a very influential teacher and pastor at Desert Christian Academy for almost over 10 years. Mr. Palmer came to DCA in 1995 stayed until 1999, he came back in 2011. He left in 1999 to start a Christian school ministry at his church and he became the senior teaching pastor at that church. He returned to DCA due to “The desire to have my children here and to once again get back into teaching.”  When asked about why he came to Desert Christian Academy he said, “I love Christian education and knew DCA was a strong Christian school. I had received an invitation in 1995 from Mr. Dave Fulton to apply for a science teaching position. God opened the door for me to start my teaching career and DCA and I have loved it ever since.” He has taught middle school and high school Bible, Chemistry, Physics; he has also taught Psychology and AP Biology, he stated that, “I like them all, but Chemistry is my favorite.” While teaching at DCA Mr. Palmer’s faith in The Lord has definitely grown in many ways, he said, “I have to daily trust Him to do a work in my students that I cannot ultimately accomplish. I know my weaknesses well, and the Lord is kind to show His power every moment of everyday in and through me.” There are so many blessings about going to school here but what could be some of the other blessings of being a teacher or staff member of Desert Christian Academy. When questioned about his favorite things about teaching here at DCA Mr. Palmer said, “There are a few things I like about working here. First, I love the freedom of teaching from a biblical worldview and being able to teach God’s Word everyday. Second, I love the community of staff and students. Third, I am blessed to teach where my own children attend school, so it is awesome to see them everyday.” he stated this about the overall environment at DCA, “Jesus. He is at work at our school. I see His grace in everything here.” Mr. Palmer’s favorite memory from his career is, “One time, I was doing a demo with sodium, which when added to water, makes a pretty cool explosion. Well, I decided to do it in the lab instead of outside, and the sodium I put in was too big. So, I ended up catching the ceiling on fire. That tile was up in the lab for many years as a reminder of my crazy experiment. “

In case you wanted to learn more about Mr. Palmer, his favorite color is blue

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