Walker Smith

Junior Walker Smith has achieved the highest grade in his math class, Pre-Calculus with Mrs. Weaver. He has obviously worked hard to get this grade and we have asked him how us and other students can meet this goal.

What is the best way that you found to study?
The best way i found to study was to go over the material and structure of problems multiple times. I also found and did practice problems until I fully understood what we were doing in class and on our quizzes.

What is the easiest thing to understand in the class?
The basic structure of a new problem is easy to understand

What is the most difficult thing to understand in the class?
Problems that go beyond the basic structures are difficult to grasp onto.

What letter grade did you get in the first quarter?
I received an A!

How do you think you achieved this grade?
I went over each problem before each quiz and test and i made sure I understood it so that there was no way i would mess up.

What are you most proud of in that class?
My quiz grades, the quizzes were really hard so im proud of myself for making it through them and getting good grades too!

Is there anything you wish you had done differently last quarter?
Paying closer attention during practice times in class. doing this would really help me out in the long run.

What is some advice you’d give other students for their classes?
To keep working hard and to find a way to study that best works for you! Pay attention in class and take good notes if you need to.

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