Our women’s varsity volleyball team has made our school proud by winning the CIF championship on Saturday. They entered CIF with high hopes and immense talent, and left with a win of three games! Our team of talented players was led by coaches Debbie Scott, Brianna Sperber, and Lisa Johnson. Their impactful coaching and spiritual mentoring has allowed our varsity team to play to their best of their ability on the court.  With determination and
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Junior Walker Smith has achieved the highest grade in his math class, Pre-Calculus with Mrs. Weaver. He has obviously worked hard to get this grade and we have asked him how us and other students can meet this goal. What is the best way that you found to study? The best way i found to study was to go over the material and structure of problems multiple times. I also found and did practice problems
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This DCA Spirit Week was packed with exciting sporting events all throughout school! Let’s take a look at what sporting events went on during Spirit Week. On Tuesday, both Varsity and JV volleyball teams played at Linfield Christian for afternoon games. Unfortunately, varsity volleyball team lost home conference match against Linfield Christian. JV volleyball also lost to Linfield Christian in the same day. On Thursday, the Desert Christian varsity team lost to Ontario Christian in
Our first spirit day was commercial day. Students were instructed to dress up as their favorite commercial, Flo from progressive, an m&m squad, or Jake from Statefarm. The second day was food day, many showed up as their favorite brand of food, or if you really went all out you dressed as your favorite bag of chips or an avocado. Wednesday was childhood tv show, some students dressed up as Zack and Cody and the
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Over the summer of 2019, a group of 18 students traveled to the Dominican Republic to spread the Word of The Lord to Gasper Hernandez, Luperon, and Puerta Plata.  While the trip was a blessing the students did have a few fears leading up to the trip, “When going to any foreign country there can be worries about how the culture may react and how comfortable I’ll feel; however, as soon as we arrived my
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