Last week our 6th graders had the privilege of experiencing their very first retreat. Where did they go? They were able to go to the exciting Palomar! With their wonderful chaperones/teachers (Ms. Luvano, Ms. Eccles, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Jacobus ) to go with them. Now let’s take a look at what our 6th graders thought about the retreat. How was the retreat and what did you like about it?  What was your favorite part about
Each Monday, Desert Christian Academy has the privilege of chapel/worship”. And they are, as always, everytime spiritually great every time. So the question is how does the team manage to get us into the spirit everytime. Fortunately, in this article we will cover this subject and we will see the process of what goes into chapel/worship. Mr. Gipson: This is what we do each week, we start by getting ready a week before to get
One of the most exciting times here at Desert Christian Academy is when our seniors choose a college. But one of most asked questions is “how do they choose their college?” And lucky for you, we are going to answer that question, by speaking with a few of our seniors that have already decided where they will be attending. What is the selection process like? What drew you to this college? How do you feel,
Desert Christian Academy’s Open House event will take place this Thursday February 7, 2019 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The open house is a way for both parents and students to enjoy DCA and to see what it is all the kids k-12 do everyday. Parents of students are able to meet and talk to the teachers; parents of new students are able to see the campus and to decide whether or not their
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This year it is going to be the 25th East Coast Trip that the Desert Christian Academy eighth grade class has taken! I went and asked Mr. Roether and a few of his 8th graders about what they are really looking forward to!   Mr. Roethler How many trips have you been on so far? “This year it will be my 12th.” What are you looking forward to on this trip? “The two things I
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